Tampa Bay Agile meetup focused on hands-on User Story Mapping Workshop

If you haven’t been to any of the Tampa Bay Agile meetups yet, you’re missing out. Last night, I had the pleasure of attending a fantastic workshop presented by seasoned Scrum/Agile coaches, Fred Mastropasqua and Sarah Urriste.

IMG_3145Not only was there a great group of people, but Sarah and Fred walked us through some very helpful User Story Mapping exercises.  Their hands-on approach involved splitting us all up into 5-6 person groups and having each group work through user stories and feature discovery for our own fictional app.

Our group’s project involved creating a medication timer/reminder app. We focused our attention on the needs of both patient and doctor. I got to work with some bright minds and everything fell into place as we worked through prioritizing the features and needs of the users.

IMG_3147Special thanks to Stephanie Davis, who organized the meetup and to KForce, for hosting and also supplying dinner & drinks.

For more information about Tampa Bay Agile check out the meetup group. We’ll be sure to include future meetups in our events calendar.

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2 thoughts on “Tampa Bay Agile meetup focused on hands-on User Story Mapping Workshop

  1. Thanks for reviewing a Tampa Bay Agile meetup.

    1. Stacey Wolfe says:

      Our pleasure, Stephanie. The workshop was a blast. Looking forward to the next meetup!

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