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Is your company’s IT infrastructure prepared for an influx of millennial employees? Within the next decade, millennials are expected to dominate 75 percent of the workforce — and a growing number of employers are getting prepared for this massive shift in the labor market by investing in millennial-friendly technologies. Read More
You might think it’s a little early to start anticipating trends of 2016, but if Home Depot is beginning to display Christmas trees, then I can assemble a list of marketing tools to help you prepare for next year. Read More
Below you will find the 35 finalists for the 12 awards we’ll be honoring and celebrating at the 12th Annual TBTF Industry Achievement Awards Gala presented by Bright House Networks (tickets and sponsorships are now available). Read More
Let’s talk about Alphabet. Larry Page stunned us all last month when he announced the restructuring of Google’s business model in a blog post. Alphabet is to act as a holding company for Google’s portfolio, separating out different businesses in alignment with the purpose of each.  This isn’t just a… Read More
Mobile 'Shark Tank': Uber-backed ride-and-pitch to match startups with investors For some lucky startup founder, it might be the best 15-minute ride ever. Uber, the disruptive car service that is trying to bull the old-school taxi business to the side across the globe, is partnering with as many as 10… Read More
Beyond a near future of synchronized traffic lights and a slightly more distant future of autonomous vehicles there is an opportunity for Tampa Bay to be more than just a community whose traffic communicates, it can be the place where new transportation technology is born. Read More
Joseph Warren founded CoCreativ in 2010 to give small businesses a full-service, temporary office space to start, launch, or grow in South Tampa. At age 19, Joseph started his first company, which rapidly became a $2M/year business. By age 27 he was broke and homeless. He is now a published… Read More
ST. PETERSBURG — It's been five years since its former namesake tenant moved out, but the tallest office building in Pinellas County will soon have a new name. One Progress Plaza, formerly downtown's Bank of America tower, is becoming Priatek Plaza. Priatek is a young, interactive advertising company that occupies… Read More