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When I ask clients what sets them apart, what I hear from most is a lengthy list of features. Variations on: “Our product does this, that, and the other thing.” I hate to shoot them down, because they’re all really proud of what they’ve accomplished. Their products are, in fact,… Read More
In this weekend’s collective geeky euphoria over Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the 25th anniversary of the first web page has gone largely unreported. It was on December 20, 1990 when the NeXT computer pictured above served it, kicking off what I consider to be the world’s most successful side… Read More
Start with a mystery…and it’s easier to have a mystery when you don’t Google something. Because it’s pretty simple to find countless blog posts on how to succeed on Product Hunt. So don’t Google Product Hunt before you write your exposé, or even before you post that product you “devoted… Read More
tl;dr We pulled Fuse because of complications with FB API for messaging and Twitter’s write-restriction due to grouping social feeds. After about 200 emails asking “what happened to Fuse?”, I’ve decided to write up a short post about 1) what happened, 2) what our plans are and 3) what else… Read More
I am pleased to introduce Diana Weber for a special guest blog post on “Agile At The Top:  How Executives Walk The Talk”.  Diana is a passionate writer, an avid agilist, and an Agile Project Leader on my team here at Valpak. Read More
My parents are both marketing professors, which could easily be its own post, but long story short, it means that I was raised thinking about marketing concepts early on. They both find their most challenging topic to be “Ethics,” as this doesn’t seem to come naturally to their students. Read More
I’ve been dabbling with the idea of using a new prototyping tool for a while now. In the past I’ve usedMarvel App which is great because it’s easy to create and share your prototypes. Plus, it’s web based and free. Although Marvel (and InVision etc) offer quick and easy solutions they… Read More
Worried that Google has too much of your personal data, thanks to the way it has pried into your life over the years as you steadily adopted more of its services, ranging from search to email to productivity apps to YouTube and more? The company is now attempting to address… Read More
At first glance, “cancellation” and “churn” might seem like essentially the same thing – they’re both about customers leaving, right? Yes. But, while Churn is when customers leave you FOREVER, Cancellation can be, well, cancelled.   Read More
There’s a theme amongst some “motivational” quotes: …that there are people out there, hating on your dreams.   Read More