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Attention affiliates! Effective immediately, Ed4Online is happy to introduce a completely re-tooled affiliate program, designed to help its affiliate partners earn higher commissions and to increase the availability of continuing education and vocational training courses through its extensive affiliate network. Read More
Amid the rush of civic support for regional tech startups, a group of Tampa Bay entrepreneurs and enthusiasts is quietly building an incubator for local podcasters. “California has film and New York has TV. We’re trying to make Tampa Bay the place for podcasting, to be a leader in this… Read More
Hillsborough County’s bus fleet will offer wireless Internet access to its customers beginning April 4. Because the 189 buses have to be wired for a new Smart Card fare system, customers get the added advantage of having access to their email, videos or whatever else they choose to browse on… Read More
Pepin Distributing Company is the primary beer distribution company serving Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. Since 1967, Pepin has built an extensive beer distribution system that has given retailers easy access to a variety of products, including beer from Anheuser-Busch-Inbev, Modelo-Crown Imports, and several craft and specialty brewers. They also… Read More
There are more opportunities today than ever before for entrepreneurs who are willing to match technology to the needs of potential customers. Entrepreneurs and smart business leaders who embrace the enormous opportunities will profit. To find out about some of the excitement and how you can tap into it, I… Read More
In the digital economy, the API is king. Or as Forrester Research has called it, “The poster child of digital transformation.” You’d think the API revolution was a welcome time-saver for developers, now able to API-shortcut their way into all sorts of existing, tested functions and services instead of having… Read More
The on-demand economy continues to build momentum. As consumers become more accustomed to ordering services on demand from their smartphones, we will likely see adoption accelerate for both new and existing platforms. Read More
In this weekend’s collective geeky euphoria over Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the 25th anniversary of the first web page has gone largely unreported. It was on December 20, 1990 when the NeXT computer pictured above served it, kicking off what I consider to be the world’s most successful side… Read More
The owners of two tech entrepreneurial businesses that offer custom websites, software, branding and other services say joining forces makes them the largest marketing and design firm in St. Petersburg. The new partnership between Think Tank and Big Sea, Inc. highlights the tight-knit small business community in St. Petersburg where… Read More
Worried that Google has too much of your personal data, thanks to the way it has pried into your life over the years as you steadily adopted more of its services, ranging from search to email to productivity apps to YouTube and more? The company is now attempting to address… Read More