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Webtalk is a professional networking community with a hidden social network for close friends and family. The end goal is to provide a better community for the working class that offers more privacy while social networking and more tools to help you grow your career while professional networking.

Webtalk offers a free affiliate program called SocialCPX, which means you to get paid for social marketing on a commission basis. The power behind SocialCPX is that it offers lifetime residual commissions and the ability to sponsor other affiliates into the program. It’s an extremely lucrative income opportunity that shares in up to 50% of all Webtalk revenues.

The K.I.S.S. definition of SocialCPX = Make the switch to Webtalk, invite your friends to connect as usual and when they join Webtalk they are in your book of business for life! If they buy a subscription, daily deal voucher, virtual property in games, advertising space, classified ads etc… you will earn a commission…PERIOD! Sponsor others into the SocialCPX affiliate program and you can override their book of business through four affiliate tiers.

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