In 2017, a local organization called the Tampa Bay Tech Forum told us they were going to start using our brand [Tampa Bay Tech] as theirs.


They didn’t ask. They didn’t try to buy our assets or brand. They just told us, “we’re rebranding as Tampa Bay Tech”. We sent multiple letters to TBTF about this infringement – we’ve had lawyers send multiple letters – they’ve ignored each and every attempt to reconcile. It’s been 2 years since our last communication with TBTB, who is still infringing on the Tampa Bay Tech name.


We see roughly 100 new visitors (and signups) per day, some of which are asking where this infringing company’s website is or what happened with the real Tampa Bay Tech – so instead of drafting an email each time, I’ve decided to post it here on the main page so that everyone can see.


In lieu of legal action, we’ve elected to sell the Tampa Bay Tech (.org) Domain, Slack Channel, and Twitter handle as a bundle. We will not be selling to TBTF. We’re looking for a buyer that’s interested in pursuing our claim to the Tampa Bay Tech brand. Someone that will protect it and operate it as it should be – a hub built and managed for the location tech community.


If you are interested in purchasing the website or pursuing legal action vs Tampa Bay Tech Forum (dba Tampa Bay Tech #2), please reach out to

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