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Common Bond Collaborative

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Common Bond Collaborative

1302 19th Street, Suite 200, 33605
Tampa, Florida
United States


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We provide seed funding, expert mentorship, backend business services and a high quality network investors for an equity stake in your company. We also provide a fun, professional co-working environment for professionals and businesses serving the cannabis and eco-friendly industries.

Many start up companies lack the resources, expertise and capital to get their business off the ground. We provide it.

CBC lies at the intersection of five critical growth industries: environmental sustainability, the sharing economy, young entrepreneur innovation, crowd funding and cannabis. We are changing the world through renewable resources and cannabis. How’s that? Simple. Cannabis is a wonder crop. It rejuvenates soil, provides food for the hungry, medicine for the sick and a 100% renewable textile resource (it can make the kind of stuff we use in 3D printers). With legalization imminent, cannabis is expected to be a $2.2 Billion American industry within two years. Cannabis is a gateway… to a prosperous, sustainable future.

Solving the Common Puzzle “How do I get funded without the right team and how do I build the best team without funding?” said the Start up Owner. Through state of the art facilities, a dynamic collaborative environment, elite team of professionals, and proprietary crowd funding platform, CBC provides start up businesses with the essential tools, talent and direction they need to succeed, while cultivating strong opportunities for the investment community.

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