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Priatek designs and manages prize promotions for local and national advertisers through interactive kiosks, mobile devices, and other digital products under its UGot2Play brand. The company’s consumer network benefits from the opportunity of winning millions of dollars in prize giveaways and discounts by playing their favorite video games.

Traditional advertising is based on impressions. The two major problems with impression advertising is that consumers become desensitized to it, and it is difficult to measure the results. Consequently, traditional advertising for many businesses is expensive and not cost effective.

Priatek converts regular ads to prize promotions. Consumers have an opportunity to play games to win prizes they select. Throughout our patent pending process consumers answer survey questions, register, and are awarded random coupons through a sweepstake. Then at the moment of excitement, consumers can use their reward (coupon or voucher) to purchase the product or “prize” they selected. Advertisers are only charged per interested consumer. The result is a fun and cost effective way to profile consumers, market and sell products, and build loyalty for brands. After the initial consumer interaction, Priatek re-engages consumers through mobile devices, social networks, and email to market new promotions that match consumers’ preferences.

Priatek’s interactive kiosks called Chimeras are provided to locations such as malls, airports, restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, and other public venues. Retail locations benefit from the massive consumer traffic that the prize promotions generate.

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