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15000 Citrus Country Drive, Suite 103, 33523
Dade City, Florida
United States

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The SMARTstart Incubator is a new and innovative strategy program to engage entrepreneurs, grow new businesses and create job opportunities in Pasco County. The incubator provides direct opportunities for local business professionals, students and faculty to work with and support entrepreneurs.

The first incubator is located in the Dade City Business Center initially with 2,500 SF of office space which can serve up to five businesses needing an office suite.  Some businesses will be “on-site”, meaning they are located in the facility and others will participate as virtual or “off-site” members who do not reside in the facility, but have access to incubator business services.   Co-Work space is also available for use. We have since expanded the office spaces to allow for more companies to grow!

SMARTstart opened a second location, a 9,000 SF business  incubator, in June 2014 with multiple offices, a large classroom space and co-working space right downtown in the heart of New Port Richey.

Every prospective resident client will contribute to the overall mission of cultivating an entrepreneurial culture and improving the local economy.

The client applicant must be one of the following:

  • A new business
  • In the process of establishing a business
  • Undertaking pre-business research or development, or testing an idea
  • Moving from a home based business
  • Re-establishing an existing business

The applicant will present a defensible plan to achieve financial viability within a reasonable period of time and demonstrate a need for assistance and a level of innovation to be accepted. Preference will be given to businesses demonstrating potential for rapid growth, the ability to generate sales outside of our local geographic area, and one or more of the following:

  • Build on local strengths
  • Have high employment potential
  • Export products or services
  • Replace imported products or services
  • Provide new products or services
  • Deliver existing products or services in a novel manner
  • Satisfy un-met needs in the community

The prospective client will provide a description of market research and evaluation, customers, market size and trends, estimated market share and sales, competition, features that may give advantages over the competition. Businesses must be independently controlled with on-site decision-making ability and compatible with existing clients. Businesses must comply with all applicable laws and local moral standards.

Resident clients are expected to make continual progress towards exiting the incubator facility. Within 30 days of entering the center, the client and the director will define and document agreeable milestones and progress reviews. Businesses should be counseled to establish an incubation exit strategy of two years. Programs will be developed to retain graduated companies and jobs in the community.

Services and Programs Offered at the Incubator:

  • Consulting and mentoring
  • One on one counseling
  • Connection to resources
  • Network of partners (PEN)
  • Resource networks
  • Technology commercialization
  • Financing
  • Education and events
  • Peer-to-peer networking
  • Business plan assistance
  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing
  • Product commercialization
  • Business development seminars
  • Intellectual property advice
  • Corporate formation


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