Tampa Bay Innovation Center

Tampa Bay Innovation Center

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Tampa Bay Innovation Center

244 2ND AVENUE N, SUITE #9, 33701
St. Petersburg, FL
United States

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The Tampa Bay Innovation Center creates successful entrepreneurs, fosters the creation of high-tech jobs, and develops new sources of technology and manufacturing capabilities by nurturing early stage ventures as they grow and launch their products into the marketplace. Our programs are tailored to the innovator/entrepreneur and address business intelligence, planning and business formation, strategy execution, and technology transition.

The time from “mind to market” is a critical factor for today’s successful technology companies. Our experienced staff and  highly qualified mentors work with our clients to ensure their success. Working together, we help them meet progressive and planned milestones to accelerate their business growth.

Since our inception in 2003, the Tampa Bay Innovation Center has worked with hundreds of technology clients and graduated numerous companies from its programs. Collectively, the Innovation Center’s in-house clients employ 100 workers with an average wage of over $60,000. These clients have launched over 70 new products, raised millions in seed capital and grants, and hold more than 100 patents with numerous more pending.

The Innovation Center is managed by STAR-TEC Enterprises, Inc., a not-for-profit Florida corporation whose goal is to foster jobs and promote economic development through assistance and support programs.  The Innovation Center’s Steering Committee, Advisory Board, and working Committees include individuals from major research universities, funding and venture capital organizations, industry associations, defense program offices, law offices, accounting firms, and community support organizations.

We have engaged top scientists, engineers, and research labs, as well as national and international experts in numerous technologies including sensors, manufacturing, healthcare, aviation, and defense to deliver comprehensive solutions for our clients. To learn more about how the Innovation Center can turn your idea into a successful business, contact us today.

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