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The TiEcon Florida 2015 agenda is set and the program is rich. The annual entrepreneurship conference hosted by TiE Tampa Bay is set for Oct. 3 at the Westin Harbour Island Hotel. This year’s scheduled speakers exemplify a broad cross-section of successful and pioneering entrepreneurs and investors, including: Read More
Mobile 'Shark Tank': Uber-backed ride-and-pitch to match startups with investors For some lucky startup founder, it might be the best 15-minute ride ever. Uber, the disruptive car service that is trying to bull the old-school taxi business to the side across the globe, is partnering with as many as 10… Read More
Joseph Warren founded CoCreativ in 2010 to give small businesses a full-service, temporary office space to start, launch, or grow in South Tampa. At age 19, Joseph started his first company, which rapidly became a $2M/year business. By age 27 he was broke and homeless. He is now a published… Read More
Do you need a technical co-founder? I don’t think non-technical founders should learn to code. I explained why in my last post. I also don’t think most non-technical founders need a technical co-founder. There can be advantages to having a technical co-founder. But what if you don’t have one? Should… Read More
The Dangers of Selling Fast Your pipeline is too small. What are you going to close this month? You only made 25 calls yesterday. When are you going to close, X company? Have you heard any of those comments/questions? If you’re in B2B sales, chances are you’ve heard them, and you… Read More
  Give First, I Do Many of you may not know, but I enjoy helping others. “Give first” has been my mentality since I became experienced enough to give good advice, but I didn’t start to use that phrase until I read Brad Feld’s amazing post titled “Give before you… Read More
Innovation White Paper: Empowering the Next Digital Generation In recent work with our client, Florida Polytechnic University, a leader in STEM education, I was asked to share my perspective on the future of technology and innovation. We developed Future Proof, a digital and innovation white paper and I’m excited to… Read More