We’ve decided to shift our focus from a Startup Studio to helping entrepreneurs start their businesses instead. Read More
tl;dr We pulled Fuse because of complications with FB API for messaging and Twitter’s write-restriction due to grouping social feeds. After about 200 emails asking “what happened to Fuse?”, I’ve decided to write up a short post about 1) what happened, 2) what our plans are and 3) what else… Read More
The holidays are approaching and 2015 is going to fade away turning into a brand new year filled with innovation and opportunity. What lies ahead? We wanted to look into the future and see the new tech tools, toys and apps around the corner. Read More
Outside of being Laicos’ co-founder, I direct a nonprofit, Because of Ezra, which raises awareness and funds toward a cure for neuroblastoma and other types of childhood cancer. Laicos recently built a donation widget for Because of Ezra’s website, using Stripe as the payment processor and including an option to make donations either… Read More
This fall, GE is running a series of commercials aimed at showing tech minded millennials that they’re the place to work if you want to make a real impact on the world. GE’s television commercials tell the story of Owen, a millennial software developer and his new job at GE.… Read More
ViralStyle has turned "Bullish" in the fight against cancer. The Tampa tech startup is partnering with Moffitt Cancer Center and University of South Florida Athletics in a year-long campaign called, "Bulls Against Cancer." The goal is to bring awareness every month to the different forms of cancer and to promote… Read More
Do you need a technical co-founder? I don’t think non-technical founders should learn to code. I explained why in my last post. I also don’t think most non-technical founders need a technical co-founder. There can be advantages to having a technical co-founder. But what if you don’t have one? Should… Read More
Turning middle schools and high schools into startup incubators I consider myself to be an entrepreneur. Nowadays, a lot of people call themselves entrepreneurs. But not too many of these people are my age. I’m 14 years old and started a WordPress development business when I was 13. Relative to… Read More
How I got my podcast in the top 20 in Great Britain (in business) I thought he was joking! Seemed like a hoax, but Harry’s a good guy so he wouldn’t mess with me like that! I hope. ? I live in Florida, United States. So I can’t actually look… Read More
Educating Vs. Doing I am going to college for web programming, because I want to work in web application design and development. I know the internet isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. I enjoy writing code and seeing the product of my work, so I figured why not make a career… Read More