With content marketing on track to become an even larger demand in 2016, companies are on the hunt for the secret formula to creating a viral piece of content. While there is no guarantee that any process will produce viral content, this formula will certainly take any content marketing strategy… Read More
Under the Radar is David Smith and Marco Arment’s podcast on indie iOS app development. They make sure that none of their podcasts runs longer than half an hour. Their latest podcast, the 21st in the series, is titled App Store Rejection, in which they provide suggestions on how to avoid rejections… Read More
Marketing Automation continues to be a hot topic for businesses of all sizes and is being utilized by companies in nearly every industry. There are automation platforms produced by award winning software developers with features ranging from triggered e-mail responses and drip campaigns to those capable of deploying and measuring… Read More
Digital agency, Bayshore Solutions, announces the launch of the redesigned website for nationally recognized signage manufacturer, Creative Sign Designs (CSD). In addition to business-critical mobile user responsiveness, the redesign replaces a seven-year-old website with re-engineered site structure and navigation, clean image-driven design, and targeted vertical portfolios. This website is the… Read More
 A Winter Park-based tech company has hit a major milestone. IZEA was recently uplisted to the NASDAQ. "Even when I was ringing the bell, it didn't feel real," said Ted Murphy, the founder and CEO of IZEA. Read More
Pasco County public school students have faced increasing requirements to behave properly in the digital world, since the district began letting them use their own cell phones and other electronic devices in classrooms five years ago. Read More
Since Mobilegeddon, and probably before, marketers have placed an increasing amount of focus on all things mobile. While many of us have probably become a broken record for your clients, the fact remains that we live in a mobile-centric world. For years in film, TV and literature, artists tried to… Read More
Michael Lumpkin, by his own admission, is not much of a social media guy. “I don’t do Facebook. I don’t have a Twitter handle. I’m not on LinkedIn,” Lumpkin told a room full of special operations types from around the globe last week. “Those who know me know that I… Read More
If a half-hour comedy is too long, how about a 15-second thriller? A group of independent filmmakers from Britain are rolling out a daily, 28-episode series on Instagram. "Shield 5" is about the hunt for John Swift, who after three episodes appears to be a security worker who ends up… Read More
Want to engage 3 billion new customers? Markets like India, Brazil and Africa contain millions of potential new users. They’ve been a key focus for many tech companies, as they have a captive, untapped audience looking for new and relevant mobile Internet content. Over the past year, we’ve seen many… Read More