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Modelithics, Inc., the industry leader in simulation models for RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave devices, is very excited to announce and celebrate fifteen successful years in business! Since becoming the first company in a new University of South Florida Incubator in 2001, Modelithics® has delivered excellence and innovation in the field… Read More
One of Tampa Bay’s “startups to watch” has received more than $1 million in financial backing. MyNFO Inc., a marketing technology firm in Tampa, raised $1.175 million, according to two separate March 25 regulatory filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Each offering involved debt and options or warrants… Read More
 A Winter Park-based tech company has hit a major milestone. IZEA was recently uplisted to the NASDAQ. "Even when I was ringing the bell, it didn't feel real," said Ted Murphy, the founder and CEO of IZEA. Read More
It's easy to list prominent and powerful business people. Tampa Bay has plenty. It's tougher to choose those whose skills, experience, passion and force of personality make theminfluential. As in capable of moving a specific industry or part of the regional economy forward in a positive way. As in being… Read More
Like most good advice, customer success sounds really simple, but gets complicated once you want to implement it in your own business. So instead of waxing poetical on its many virtues (and there are many), let’s take the For Dummies approach and drill down into what really counts: Read More
Milind Bharvirkar, CEO of the Tampa prize-based digital advertising company Priatek, gave an inspiring speech about his rise and fall as an entrepreneur and businessman, as well as how he was able to reverse the trend on his way to becoming CEO of one of the most prominent companies in… Read More
Creative thinking can be difficult for many to develop and train. Utilizing all of your skills is crucial for success, which is why creative exercises and mental cross-training are getting increased attention and support. Read More