Monthly Archives: December 2015

Marxent Labs Inc. will make its debut at one of the world’s largest consumers electronics and technology trade shows, showing off an innovation that turns two-dimensional home design planning into a 3-D experience. Read More
To say it has been a very good year for philanthropic giving to certain Florida universities would be an understatement. The $100 million gift to Florida State University, announced earlier this month from Jan Moran and The Jim Moran Foundation, topped all donations to any Florida university — in fact, to… Read More
Saying the status quo is no longer acceptable, the Visit Tampa Bay board of directors has thrown its support behind the 'Go Hillsborough' initiative, the county’s proposal to improve the local transportation infrastructure. In a strongly worded letter to Hillsborough County commissioners, the Visit Tampa Bay board wrote: “Hillsborough County… Read More
This photo of someone’s answer to a computer science exam question has been making the rounds: I have no idea if they’re still teaching the waterfall model of software development in universities these days, but judging from the exam question, I suspect the “correct” answer to the question was this: Read More
The on-demand economy continues to build momentum. As consumers become more accustomed to ordering services on demand from their smartphones, we will likely see adoption accelerate for both new and existing platforms. Read More
It’s become a very happy holiday season for employees of SynDaver Labs. The Tampa creator of synthetic cadavers for medical research bestowed $1.5 million worth of company stock to non-management employees at its Christmas party on Friday. “The holidays are all about giving back and in addition to our Holiday… Read More
Intrinio, a St. Pete financial technology startup has been nominated for the prestigious Annual Benzinga Fintech Awards! The BZ Awards is a competition to showcase the companies with the most impressive technology, who are paving the future in financial services and capital markets! 115 companies submitted their technologies to the… Read More
When I ask clients what sets them apart, what I hear from most is a lengthy list of features. Variations on: “Our product does this, that, and the other thing.” I hate to shoot them down, because they’re all really proud of what they’ve accomplished. Their products are, in fact,… Read More
There was a lot traffic in 2015 at the intersection of business and politics. A real estate developer emerged as the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, and the Affordable Care Act was saved by the U.S. Supreme Court. I’ll look at Donald Trump in a separate post looking at what… Read More