Under the Radar is David Smith and Marco Arment’s podcast on indie iOS app development. They make sure that none of their podcasts runs longer than half an hour. Their latest podcast, the 21st in the series, is titled App Store Rejection, in which they provide suggestions on how to avoid rejections… Read More
A cloud is a cloud is a cloud, right? Wrong. Although by now most people are aware of the different types of cloud computing, they still think that all cloud providers will lift their IT burden both literally (no more physical servers!) and figuratively (no more worrying about backup and… Read More
I’m the co-organizer of the Tampa iOS meetup, a monthly gathering of iOS developers based in the Tampa Bay area, and we recently had a session on game development with Sprite Kit that garnered a fair bit of attention. This series of articles takes some of the ideas from that… Read More
I’ve been dabbling with the idea of using a new prototyping tool for a while now. In the past I’ve usedMarvel App which is great because it’s easy to create and share your prototypes. Plus, it’s web based and free. Although Marvel (and InVision etc) offer quick and easy solutions they… Read More