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In the digital economy, the API is king. Or as Forrester Research has called it, “The poster child of digital transformation.” You’d think the API revolution was a welcome time-saver for developers, now able to API-shortcut their way into all sorts of existing, tested functions and services instead of having… Read More
One of the most rewarding parts of what we do at The Iron Yard is hosting kids coding classes. Our instructors volunteer their time on a regular basis to make sure kids in every community where we operate have a chance to be exposed to what it’s like to code.… Read More
Today’s section of Python Programming for Absolute Beginners discussed infinite loops. Here’s the bastardized example I used to display an infinite loop: Read More
Whether you’ve been building apps since the Objective-C days or picked up Swift a couple of weeks ago, you’ve got knowledge to share with your fellow developers, who in turn have knowledge to share with you! Join us for an evening of demos, information exchange, and that buzz that you get when you’re… Read More
Outside of being Laicos’ co-founder, I direct a nonprofit, Because of Ezra, which raises awareness and funds toward a cure for neuroblastoma and other types of childhood cancer. Laicos recently built a donation widget for Because of Ezra’s website, using Stripe as the payment processor and including an option to make donations either… Read More
Lesley Chilcott likes to make movies about problems — big ones. She produced “An Inconvenient Truth” (about global warming) and “Waiting for Superman” (about the U.S. public school system). But her latest, a documentary called “CODEGIRL,” is something very different — in part, because it’s much more specific, looking not… Read More
A Hackathon that focuses on military and defense tactics will take place in Tampa this weekend, October 23rd - 25th. Hackathons are events at which groups of programmers and developers come together to create solutions to posed problems. The Mil-OSS Tampa Hackathon, which kicks off with a Friday night networking… Read More
Last Saturday, Angela Don and I gave a well-attended presentation on getting started with iOS development using Swift. It went so well that we decided to make it a regular thing, and thus the Tampa iOS Meetup was born. We’re having our inaugural gathering next Wednesday, October 28th at 7:00… Read More
If you’re interested in Android development you should definitely check out the Tampa Bay Android Developers group. The group is made up of a diverse mix of the Bay’s Android developers (both novice and professional), marketing & business professionals, designers, students and Android fans. Meetups are typically scheduled once a… Read More
Carvoyant Integrated with is a secure Cloud based platform for implementing the back-end of IoT applications. It provides developers and development teams with a web IDE that integrates with code repositories, and a wide range of native APIs, SDKs and connectors that dramatically simplify development and reduce time to market. also… Read More