With content marketing on track to become an even larger demand in 2016, companies are on the hunt for the secret formula to creating a viral piece of content. While there is no guarantee that any process will produce viral content, this formula will certainly take any content marketing strategy… Read More
“Jia you!” I’d hear before a test, or when I was struggling to convey even simple messages in Mandarin. “gee-ah yo!” I’d mimic when my Chinese friends were despondent before exams. Read More
Under the Radar is David Smith and Marco Arment’s podcast on indie iOS app development. They make sure that none of their podcasts runs longer than half an hour. Their latest podcast, the 21st in the series, is titled App Store Rejection, in which they provide suggestions on how to avoid rejections… Read More
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I was meeting with a potential client a few months ago.  This particular Marketing Director was looking to move all of the marketing services for their multi-million dollar company to a variety of agencies to assist with the launch of a new division.   One of the first questions I asked… Read More
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