Monthly Archives: January 2016

When today's sixth graders were born in 2004, iPods had revolutionized the music industry. A few lucky college kids had exclusive access to a fledgling social network called the Facebook. "Blog" was declared Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year. Read More
Want to engage 3 billion new customers? Markets like India, Brazil and Africa contain millions of potential new users. They’ve been a key focus for many tech companies, as they have a captive, untapped audience looking for new and relevant mobile Internet content. Over the past year, we’ve seen many… Read More
In the digital economy, the API is king. Or as Forrester Research has called it, “The poster child of digital transformation.” You’d think the API revolution was a welcome time-saver for developers, now able to API-shortcut their way into all sorts of existing, tested functions and services instead of having… Read More
Health IT jobs are growing as analyzing patient data captured by electronic medical records becomes more important for clinical improvements, business efficiency and patient satisfaction. Just-released results of a survey from Bisk Education Inc. are designed to get a pulse on the growing health IT field, which links information technology,… Read More
The chief job recruiting arm of Tampa and Hillsborough County is riding a traditional wave of big-name corporate expansion, from Bristol-Myers Squibb to Johnson & Johnson, with many more deals in the pipeline soon to be announced. Why rock the boat? In what might seem a counter-intuitive move, the leaders… Read More
The City of Clearwater has launched a new initiative to serve as a catalyst for economic development and business innovation in North Pinellas County. The Clearwater Business SPARK brings together a network of resources targeting the growth of small businesses and entrepreneurs. Read More
Wearing one’s heart on his/her sleeve is never a good idea. But wearing a personal monitor can save your life. Bioscan R is a biomedical device developer working to increase patient engagement and save lives with wearable devices. Read More
Could this be my last winter? When you spend your entire life in Minnesota and Iowa, you dream of moving to a warm weather city. And now after years of what feels like no career path, I find myself admitted into a respected software boot camps ready to spend 12… Read More
Tampa Bay is the cheapest place to live in Florida, and the region's cost of living is well below the rest of the country's, according to new figures released Monday. Read More
Three young Tampa Bay companies will be among 50 competing for $50,000 in prizes at a national conference for startups and investors. Autography, PikMyKid and KynderMed are semi-finalists for SUP-X: The StartUp Expo, Feb. 16-17 in Fort Lauderdale. Read More