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USF startup company AbleNook LLC is among the final four companies in the running for the 7th Annual $50,000 Cade Museum Prize for Innovation. Read More
There are three common characteristics of good entrepreneurs, according to Susan Amat, founder and CEO of Venture Hive, a company focused on identifying, educating and facilitating the success of new business. Read More
On May 17, 2016, Florida Venture Forum and its partner, Space Florida, will be hosting the Ninth Annual Florida Early Stage Capital Conference and the Sixth Annual Statewide Collegiate Business Plan Competition. The Florida Venture Forum is a non-profit member organization established in 1984 who’s mission is to provide Florida-based entrepreneurs and… Read More
With content marketing on track to become an even larger demand in 2016, companies are on the hunt for the secret formula to creating a viral piece of content. While there is no guarantee that any process will produce viral content, this formula will certainly take any content marketing strategy… Read More
“Jia you!” I’d hear before a test, or when I was struggling to convey even simple messages in Mandarin. “gee-ah yo!” I’d mimic when my Chinese friends were despondent before exams. Read More
By nature, entrepreneurs are highly creative, intelligent and ambitious, so why is there such a drastic divide between the ones who go on to develop mega-successful brands and those who fail? After all, most entrepreneurs are acutely aware of the fact that the vast majority – about 80 percent according… Read More
Moterum LLC, a local USF startup company, was awarded funding from the University of South Florida Research Foundation’s Seed Capital Accelerator program. The beneficial funding was used to produce a clinical grade prototype of the company’s novel, simple, and highly effective MTip Crutch Tip for crutch walking assistance and control. Read More
A new co-working space with an interesting name is opening in Orlando this week, giving more local small companies options for affordable and flexible workspace. Backers of the new site, Sbrubbles, also plan to open three other locations throughout Florida, including in Tampa, giving members the option to use their… Read More
TEC Garage, the newest concept for accelerating entrepreneurial success from Tampa Bay Innovation Center, will be holding its second series of  CO.STARTERS, a nationally renowned business development platform that helps local communities grow their businesses.  TEC Garage is accepting applications now for the nine-week program, which begins Apr. 5, 2016. Read More
Sarasota County is on the verge of an agreement with the University of Florida that officials say will lure tech companies to the area and bolster the local economy. Read More