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A startup pitch competition offering $1 million in prizes to a global winner is headed toward Tampa Bay. The 1776 Challenge Cup, which will take place at startup business accelerator and venture center Tampa Bay WaVe in February 2016, is billed as a ‘worldwide tournament for the most promising, world-changing startups… Read More
The St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce is preparing to open a consignment retail store attached to our Visitors Center.  Our goal is to highlight locally made goods and help our visitors and residents discover our community artists and makers. This store is scheduled to open late October. Items will… Read More
Whether you’ve been building apps since the Objective-C days or picked up Swift a couple of weeks ago, you’ve got knowledge to share with your fellow developers, who in turn have knowledge to share with you! Join us for an evening of demos, information exchange, and that buzz that you get when you’re… Read More
Last week, 352 Inc. was named the Tampa Bay Technology Forum’s “Impact Project of the Year” award for its work with The Rollins Center for Language & Literacy and its Read Right from the Start program. The “Impact Project of the Year” category recognizes a technology project that has been… Read More
YouTube’s Desktop Web Player Gets A New Look Does YouTube look different to you today? If you’re noticing that the YouTube player on the desktop seems to have a sleeker look-and-feel, then you’ve probably spotted the update YouTube has just rolled out. The company launched a new HTML5 video player for desktop users,… Read More
Picture This! Valpak’s Agile Work Spaces This might be my favorite post yet because it’s all pictures and few words.  In helping my boss to prepare for his talk at the Agile Executive Forum in Washington DC next week, I took some pretty good pictures of our (Valpak’s) Agile work spaces… Read More
Do you need a technical co-founder? I don’t think non-technical founders should learn to code. I explained why in my last post. I also don’t think most non-technical founders need a technical co-founder. There can be advantages to having a technical co-founder. But what if you don’t have one? Should… Read More
The Dangers of Selling Fast Your pipeline is too small. What are you going to close this month? You only made 25 calls yesterday. When are you going to close, X company? Have you heard any of those comments/questions? If you’re in B2B sales, chances are you’ve heard them, and you… Read More
Turning middle schools and high schools into startup incubators I consider myself to be an entrepreneur. Nowadays, a lot of people call themselves entrepreneurs. But not too many of these people are my age. I’m 14 years old and started a WordPress development business when I was 13. Relative to… Read More
You don’t always know how people will use your solution. Often when you create a product you know exactly how you would use it, but you have no clue how the end user will use it. Years ago, I ripped out an advertisement from a magazine to remind me of… Read More