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Carvoyant Integrated with is a secure Cloud based platform for implementing the back-end of IoT applications. It provides developers and development teams with a web IDE that integrates with code repositories, and a wide range of native APIs, SDKs and connectors that dramatically simplify development and reduce time to market. also… Read More
How I got my podcast in the top 20 in Great Britain (in business) I thought he was joking! Seemed like a hoax, but Harry’s a good guy so he wouldn’t mess with me like that! I hope. ? I live in Florida, United States. So I can’t actually look… Read More
Educating Vs. Doing I am going to college for web programming, because I want to work in web application design and development. I know the internet isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. I enjoy writing code and seeing the product of my work, so I figured why not make a career… Read More
From Code to Launch Danny and I have been working on Doctant for the past several months. Doctant simplifies the way you share documentation with your community. We live in Tampa, which isn't an ideal location for a SaaS startup. While we were hacking on Doctant we would constantly brainstorm ways to generate traffic and get… Read More
The Game of Tech Tech workers are no strangers to war metaphors: We have the War for Talent TechCrunch Disrupt’s Startup Battlefield A Players And coding Ninjas. While we have yet to hear of a CEO referred to as the general or field marshall, we tend to believe that if… Read More
My First Year at Laicos My first year at this hot new startup has blown by. It has been a fun and fast paced ride as we have grown from what we were a year ago into what we are today. I am excited for what we have planned for… Read More
  Give First, I Do Many of you may not know, but I enjoy helping others. “Give first” has been my mentality since I became experienced enough to give good advice, but I didn’t start to use that phrase until I read Brad Feld’s amazing post titled “Give before you… Read More
Tampa Bay WaVE moves it’s home and expands services We’re Moving!! If you didn’t already know, Tampa Bay WaVE is a nonprofit dedicated to helping entrepreneurs turn ideas into thriving tech ventures. We are happy to officially announce our plans to relocate to a new locationTampa in June of 2015. … Read More
Screw to-do lists, create a SUCCESS list It was 1:42am on a Wednesday night, and I still had a looong way to go to finish up an important presentation for the next day. I thought the times of pulling “all-nighters” would be over once I graduated college. But here I… Read More
Writing Handsome Golang Middleware Wiring http.Handlers with Google Go’s standard library is straightforward & clean. http.Handle("/thing", func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) { ‌ ‌ w.Write([]byte("got my thing")) }) Chaining handler’s to create “middleware” isn’t quite as lovely. Your route definitions are difficult to read, and underneath the hood each “handler” is… Read More